A deep abiding love for the internet.

I am not joking here.  I love love the internet.  I love what is has done for me, I love what it does for my students, and I love what it does for our society.  I love the internet.

When I tell my students this they laugh at me but seriously.  I love it for a myriad of reasons.

1. Anything with cats.  I mean, really?  Why does the internet love cats so much? Do you care?  Either way here you go.  (Also, try meowbify, no joke, go google it.)

2. The news, somedays, no lie, I get my news of facebook.  I work a million hours and don’t always leave campus so facebook is helpful.  Today, I learned about this and it made my day a little better because along with loving the internet I love people.  People are great.

3.  I get to see your face.  Okay, maybe not your face but my mom’s and my bff’s and my other bestie’s 3 year old. My parents are 3000 miles away and the internet makes that distance shorter.

4. I get to talk to you.  I mean you’re reading this right? And you might be on twitters or the facebook.  I love talking to you, I love blogs and listening.

5. I also love youtube, tumblr, twitter, blogs, and spotify.


I am just full of love today.  Thanks for being part of my small internet world. ❤



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