What do you do while your students take tests?

Mine are doing this right now.

So far I have: 

  1. Written a thank you note.
  2. Sent 5 emails.
  3. Grade some tests.
  4. Wrote this blog post.
  5. Edited my final class paper.


But mostly I am just bored. Testing is super boring.  Do you do anything good?

(Next year, Sam, when you are looking for examples of short unnecessary blog posts… this is a good one)


14/30 (I am championing this bee tee dubs)


3 thoughts on “What do you do while your students take tests?

  1. I usually wander around the room and try to pick out the order the kids will finish in revising as I go. I do our newspaper’s sudoku puzzle. I’ll tweet sometimes, too.


  2. I don’t do anything that involves typing anymore; I’m too much of an aggressive typer(ist?) I end up designing sheets in my notebook or researching ideas for next year or reading the internet. It’s pretty dull.


  3. I pretty much do all the same clerical stuff. However, one productive thing I do is use it as an opportunity to grab students (when they are finished) and harass them about missing work or give them a quick grade check.


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