“Young” Teacher

Sorry, I wrote the first part of this and then I feel asleep.  

Other things about being a young teacher:

It’s hard because you do have the energy to everything but you have no ability to balance.  I’m on year four and I am just starting to find that.  That balance between having a career and having anything (friends, a kitchen, clean laundry) else.  

Lots of us take jobs in new places.  Yay, no strings! But because of the lack of balance friend making is rough for people in their 20’s and your old friends are doing super grown up things like getting married and making babies.

There is so much worry.  Did I do that right?  I am good enough? Did I say the wrong thing to that one person, that one time, that is now going to make me seem younger than I am.

Then there’s this piece: many of us are good, if not great, at our jobs.  Now, every year we get better (it would be bad if we didn’t) but as a young teacher I feel like some times I have to fight harder to have that know. I am great at teaching, you could talk to me about it, come to my classroom, ask me what’s happening in there because I can only yell so loud.

Now, to bed cause 3 day weekends are tough. 

(All of the opinions expressed are my own and as usual many are probably wrong)


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