Some thoughts on being a “young” teacher

Next year will be my third/fourth year teaching (depending if you count student teaching which I do).  Being considered young is an interesting thing.  Mostly because it’s so subjective.  When I am with one group of my friends I am the youngest by 4 years and with my other group of friends I am the oldest by 2. Sorry, off topic.  Back to being a “young” teacher.  First, people both think you should have boundless energy and do everything while also thinking you are not ready to do anything. 


…. more tomorrow…zzzzz


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on being a “young” teacher

  1. Sadly, we also think that you should do more in the way of extracurricular participation while paying you less than we pay your colleagues. In math, we also tend to assign the youngest teachers to students who need the most in terms of structure and guidance, while assigning the most self-sufficient kids to the experience teachers. It’s a funny business model, isn’t it?


  2. Interesting. There is an opposite force at work also… as your experience increases, you are expected to take on more leadership positions within the school (especially at independent schools where the line between administrator and teacher is pretty blurry) while the amount of free time you have decreases substantially if you decide to have kids during this time. But I guess that’s an issue for working parents in all sorts of professions.


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