sunday + questions for later.

I did no school work today, instead I spent the day making my patio beautiful.  It is in fact super lovely.  I am thinking if we have a Principal’s Play Day on Tuesday I might host a brunch cause I am the fanciest.

I will be happier tomorrow because I took off today.  Sometimes, deciding is the best part of being an adult.

Also, if you have super awesomely commented on my blog with a question in reference to a post I am planning on an answer post tomorrow.  Thanks for egging me on.

Here’s my question for you… What was the best thing you did today?

p.s. Principal’s Play Day is a day off our head of school calls for no other reason than because she can.  Its awesome


2 thoughts on “sunday + questions for later.

  1. I stayed in bed until 1:00 reading. I will have to do some schoolwork tonight but I enjoyed just reading! Oh, and I spoke to my daughter on the phone 🙂


  2. The best thing I did for work (yesterday) was write my half of our precalculus exam. I put a lot of effort (looking up values to make it realistic) into the “word problems” that I think were fun and interesting.

    The best thing I did overall was attend my home church with my wife. We’ve have a busy few weeks travelling together or apart and haven’t had a weekend together at home for more than a month. So, it was nice to spend that time together in a comfortable place.


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