More things I do wrong.

I am working on my grad school homework right now so this is a super short 5 minute distraction post.

I thought I would add to the “Things I do wrong”  PD that I will never offer.

  1. I like homogenous groupings over heterogenous.  Not always based on ability but oftend based on my goals for the project.  I find the homogenous groupings bring out new leaders.
  2. I work really hard to make them not want to disappoint me. This was more true when I taught in a needier population.  I need for, “I see you didn’t do your homework.  That really disappoints me,” to mean something.  I am not sure exactly how I do this but sometimes when they are before the point of intrinsic motivation (middle schoolers) I make myself their extrinsic.

On a side note because of a meeting I was 7 minutes late to class and my students had already put numbers on the board and checked their answers. 🙂 I love them.


1 thought on “More things I do wrong.

  1. 1) You have a valid reason for homogeneous grouping. That immediately makes it not something that you do wrong.

    2)I really want to know what you do to make your students not want to disappoint you. Please think about this, because I felt like I had this at my previous school, but not at my current location. I think there are some key moves that I’m not making.

    Please keep it in the back of your mind, even if it’s just a few small things you notice.


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