Not Goals. But kind of.

I am not a goal person. This comes from a severe lack of willpower. There is a whole list of things I will probably never do: go on a diet, work out on a regular basis, keep my bedroom clean, or even do my laundry before I run out of underwear. But I am working on being a better person. This is important to me. This is important enough and requires not so much willpower as conscious thought.

So here are the things I am working on this year. Not so much goals with a set date but things I need to think about.

It is important to me that I become a better listener.  That means a variety of things.  I need to multitask less.  This may mean slowing down my whole life but I’m okay with that.  I need to not respond as much.  So much of being human is getting to process out loud to other people.  Most of the time it is just about being heard.  The response to, “It’s cold outside.” Is not, “No it’s not.” It is, “Yea, you look chilly.”

It is important to me that I don’t come off as consistently unhappily, also that I am not.  So I am cutting two phrases out of my vocabulary. “I am so behind on…” and “I am so tired.” Everyone at my school is behind on something and no one sleep enough.  What does it do for me to express that?  How does it affect my psyche if I say it everyday?

 Lastly, it is important to me to help develop a culture of positive interactions.  One small step towards this for me is to share any positive thing a student says about a teacher with another teacher.

Small Change. Hopefully to make life that much better.


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