My friend Casey wrote this lovely post on joy.

At the end she asks this:


What did you do in the last week or so  that was for the express purpose of bringing you joy? What do you do on a regular basis to carve out intentional time just for joy?
Her answers range from nail polish to Newsroom to the gym; she has about 20 of them.  She is also one of the most intentionally happy people I know.  So I started to wonder. Because I consider myself intentionally happy.  What have I done in the last week?
I went to two movies one by myself and one with a friend.
I also watched Newsroom.
I hugged dozens of students returning from summer break.
I ate Swedish Fish.
I went to a grad school class (learning makes me happy).
I read blogs.
I cleaned my room and my kitchen.
I slept, alot.
I ran, a little.
I texted, tweeted, and facebooked with friends.
I carved time out of my day to see friends.
My answers when reading them don’t seem as detailed as Casey’s but that’s okay.  I am busy, I am happy, and I am taking ten minutes out of my morning to ask you to make a list.  Post it as a comment, blog it, facebook it but do Casey and I a favor and find your joy because I know Casey well enough to know that you finding your happy will give her (and I) another thing for our list.
I read about others people’s joy.

6 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Ways I found joy this week:
    Watching The Newsroom
    Painting my nails
    Organizing my classroom with clear shoebox tubs (I can finally find my supplies!)
    Helping a friend put away her new baby stuff
    Snuggling with my kittens


  2. I went to yoga, even though I had just finished the first day of school.
    I took family photos of all of my advisees during parent conferences (they are so cute!).
    I went rock climbing with Avery, and even though I started having panic moments from my long-ago fear of heights, I kept pushing myself and it felt so good to finally get to the top of the wall.
    I ate blackberries picked from the vine on my walk home from school.
    I chatted with my monthly writer’s meet-up friends after we’d gotten done with our writing.
    I bought colored pens and post-its.
    I wore a fun dress and, later on in the week, I wore one of my cool hats.
    I went out and had a drink and dinner with a friend who was visiting from out of town.
    I drank a lot of tea.


  3. I took the train to visit my best friend before he heads back to grad school.
    I wrote down the stories my grandmother told me when I visited.
    I streamed the new Avett Brothers album while writing my paper.
    I set timers to encourage me to focus on my work and encourage me to take breaks.
    I made a new granola recipe.
    I went to my friend’s weekly potluck dinner.
    I had a work group with classmates.
    I made my bed every day. And kept my table clear of clutter (UfYH is getting to me. Amazing.)
    I read before falling asleep every night.
    I went outside to see the sunset.
    I watched the almost full moon rise over the lake while walking barefoot in the sand.
    I called my parents.
    I called my sister to celebrate her new job.

    realized I was out of time for this break. Back to work. Yay for smiles!


  4. Right now my happiness comes from finding those teachers that are willing to open their classrooms and not being rejected once.
    Another is to ride my bicycle to school.
    Also, brewing & drinking beer.


  5. i felt joy in being welcomed after a summer away. (by students shouting my name and catching up with me in the halls, colleagues giving hugs and gifts and sharing stories of travels and time off, and my old roommates – ordering thai and playing mario party and crashing on their couch.)


  6. Ways I’d found joy today (and it’s not even noon yet)

    I made myself an amazing egg scramble with everything in my fridge.
    I flirted with death by riding my bike through busy Chicago Streets.
    I went to my coffee shop to grade… and on that note…

    And I remembered how amazing and fun and awesome it is to be a teacher – and how amazing and fun and awesome my students are.


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