Not Working.

Hi, my name is (not) Soph Germain and I have teacher’s block.

What is teacher’s block you ask? (Okay, really you didn’t because it is a pretty obvious name for something but I will tell you anyways.) It is like writer’s block but for teachers.  I am currently sitting at my desk trying to type a syllabus for my new course next year with approximately 0% success and about 100% suck.

I still have some time and I know what it is that I want to teach BUT I just can’t get my self to work.  There is this point I hit every summer where I have finished all the menial tasks for the next year and what I really need to do is PLAN except planning for me feels almost impossible without the children BUT I have to plan something before the children show up or I will have nothing. (run on sentence award self-awarded to me.)

I know it will come to me and that it will all get done because I do like to do it (eventually).  So today, since my meetings are done and not thing on my desk is flashing red I am not going to sit here and toture myself.  I am going to go run errands and clean my room and not feel bad that somedays just don’t work out as planned.


1 thought on “Not Working.

  1. I totally empathize here … my students had their fourth day of class with me and still haven’t received a syllabus (tomorrow isn’t looking too promising either) – I normally give it out on the first day and go over the highlights and answer any questions on day two … this year I’m so unsure about some major changes that I’m having trouble committing something to paper


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