Don’t Blog Angry

[ I wrote this today I’m gonna read it to you which I don’t usually do. My brother once told me not to blog angry but I’m not very good listener so if your not interested it’s not math or education. So maybe you should skip this one if you’re not interested but here I go anyway.]

One day, this conversation over what I can or cannot do with my body will seem ridiculous. I will laugh over dinner with friends about the inequalities in our twenties and about the freedoms we didn’t have back then.

One day, I will teach girls who understand personal safety but also have far less to fear.  Who will walk down the street wearing whatever they want.

In some moment, I will  ever hear the term, “asking for it” and I won’t even realize it was the last time I heard it until it is so far from our nations dialogue my children won’t know what it means.

My daughter to whom the glass ceiling will mean nothing more than the skylight in her childhood bedroom.

Soon, I will educate girls who will become politicians and maybe even presidents. Who will go to congress and not even be asked questions about their clothes or their views on “women’s issues”.  My girls will instead speak of human rights, globals concerns, education, and making sure everyone has food and shelter and healthcare.  My girls (and many very good men) will work on those issues.

Hopefully, there will come a time where I will not have choose my president based on who is less likely to take away my rights.  I will instead get to chose the president who will most help the poor, the needy, and the weak.  Who will occasionally have to put aside my best interest for the best interest of many. And I will understand.

Someday, I will pick up a newspaper and not have to read about rape or sexual assault.

Someday, other Americans will be as outraged as me at the idea that a person running for political office is making up science. We will all get together and laugh, “you can’t just make things up that’s why it’s called science.”

Tomorrow, I will be a little less angry.

Tomorrow, I will be a little disappointed in myself for that.

But today, today I blog angry because this little piece of internet real estate belongs to me. This blog which all ten of you will read is mine.

And my blog is angry.

And my blog is sad.

And me? I am scared that none of the things I just said will ever happen.


12 thoughts on “Don’t Blog Angry

  1. When I read the news today I was angry too. Politicians making up science is disappointing but expected. Having one downplay rape because they want to cut spending somewhere is infuriating beyond words.

    The worst part is that I agree with the last line of your post, that all of those things that should have been there from the start might never be.

    Be angry, post angry and stay angry.


  2. It’ an ugly world we’re living in. (And there’s no such thing as progress, because there was a time, maybe the 80s?, when this idiot would have been booed off the stage. Things are definitely worse now than they were when I was younger.) I hope you can pass along your strength to those girls you’re teaching. (And I bet there’s more than 10 of us.)


  3. I wish there were an appropriate emoticon for expressing shared grief, frustration, and anxiety along with gratitude and admiration for saying these words.


  4. Well said. This is not political, it’s basic human rights. In regard to your end statement, I’m scared too, but I’m also hopeful. We have to blog angry every once in a while if we want to see change.


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