A Better Teacher.

I was talking to Sam today (because my goal is to be friends with Sam on as many types of social media as possible) and I realized something I never had before,  I know that I am a better teacher because I blog.

Reread that.  It does not say, “I am a better teacher because I blog.”  It says, “I know I am a better teacher because I blog.”  While the other statement might be is definitely true, I am a better teacher because I blog, this post does not happen to be about that.  This post is about the fact that because I blog I get to actually see my improvement.

Rachel was talking about reading stuff she had written in her masters program but the sentiment is the same:

You might say you remember what your first day of teaching was like… I have a record.  For the record, I fell off a desk from standing.   Think your first day was embarrassing? Beat that with a stick.

Anyway, back to the point. If anyone ever asked me before why I blog the answer was always because I like to talk about teaching and math and me.  I do. I also like to read about it and share opinions and to learn. A lot. But if anyone asked me now why I blog my answer would be, “Because I have a record of how teaching felt and went for me each year and that allows me the opportunity to know I am a better teacher.”


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