I am feeling the burnout. I want to write more about this, I know that lots of people are feeling it too but instead for today I’ve decided to tell you a story.

The Girls Where I Work

I was sitting in one of our meeting rooms yesterday waiting for a couple of students to show up for extra help and doing some work.  When all the sudden I tuned in to the conversation happening outside the meeting room in the very public foyer,

“She is just so dumb,” one girl said.

“I know every thing she does is stupid,” another in the group responded vehemently.

“Why can’t she get her act together?” a third got in on the action.

This group of girls right in front on me (the meeting room is mostly windows) was having an incredibly mean conversation.  An incredibly mean, incredibly loud conversation.  About another student.  Now this might be typical in some places but at my school this is atypical.  I didn’t know what to do, I mean honestly I knew it was wrong but it was so out of character I was stunned for a moment.

Then I heard this,

“I know, Antigone is just so dumb.”

Oh hold up, they were talking about a character in a book.



4 thoughts on “Burnout.

  1. My first year… I was going around dorm doing check-in at night (with junior and senior girls). And I get to one room with a lot of girls in it. Sitting on the floor in a circle, hunched over, looking furtive and secretive. And so they could be doing anything. And I get all the way in the room and realize that they have walnuts that they are cracking open and eating.


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