Are you going to blog about freshman retreat?

When my roommate asked me this I thought she was making fun of me.  You see this is the first place where I’ve ever openly talked about blogging.  So when my roommate casually and nicely asked about blogging my defenses went up.  Please don’t make fun of me because I blog, because I love twitter or because I make and meet friends from/on the internet.  I have friends that I truly consider friends that I have never met so when people start to talk about blogging my sensitivities go in to overdrive.

But truthfully people here are unbelievably supportive.  Many ask for the website (which I often delay in giving them cause, well, I’m awkward), lots talk to me about it and many, many are impressed by how I got this job. And although I still feeling unbelievably strange when talking about something I wrote, Michelle and Jason told me I am, “hood famous” now and I’ll take it.

On a side note, this blog is adorable (and by adorable I mean totally takes me back) and she thinks I’m cool (she’s confused) so if you are interested in a student teacher’s blog you should check out Molly.

Freshman Retreat

The girls here arrive on tuesday they have 15 minute classes on Wednesday, full classes on thursday and then BAM we take all the freshman on a retreat. The retreat consists of basically team building camp like activities.  So I obviously loved every moment of it.  I din’t realize how much I missed summer camp until retreat.

I really appreciated the chance to get to know the girls but more then that I was impressed by how much the freshman class became a unit over the course of the weekend.  Granted the 36 hours we were there felt much nearer to 100 but still I was impressed by how well the camp was run and by how quickly these objectives were achieved.

It also felt good to be in my element.  Summer camp is my jam and it was great to sing songs and lead games.  One of the teachers who went said I was a good role model for the girls because I’m confident and like nerdy books and stuff.  So basically I’m totally uncool and  I like it, apparently she really gets me.

I feel like recently I am writing posts with out a lot of focus and that’s just going to have to be okay for the next little bit.  I hope your first days of school have been as successful as mine,



3 thoughts on “Are you going to blog about freshman retreat?

  1. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really appreciate all your feedback and support – both from you and all of your followers. Reflecting on my experience is helpful but hearing what you guys have to say is so educational – far more than the feedback I am getting at my actual school. Have a great first few weeks!


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