Which Way is West?

For a long time I wanted to start a blog called “Which way is west?”  Last year when I left San Diego for Northern California I had a lot of trouble with directions.  You see when you grown up with in 5 miles of the ocean you can just sense it.  At all times growing up I could point in the direction that the ocean was, I just knew.  Then when I moved up north that was gone.  The ocean was just to far.  And now, well, now I’m in New York. It is so far from the ocean I am fairly convinced that west does not exist. This is not up for debate.  West is just plain gone.

A life you update for those of you wondering how the move and what not is going:

  • I am in New York!
  • I have bought a super sweet red Forrester!
  • I love the people at my new school!
  • I have no stuff 😦
  • The moving people have no idea when it will get here they also would prefer I stop asking.
  • I am sleeping on an air mattress.
  • My roommate is pretty rad.

I think that overall the positives are out weighing the negatives and all the negatives as of now seem temporary.

Alright a little Education Talk: I am taking an online course that is basically an introduction to teaching girls.  The readings and the videos have been very informative.  I feel a like it is a “girls schools are great” message but the information presented has been worth reading and the discussions generated have been interesting.  We are at the midpoint of the course and here is what I think:

There is no proof that girls or boys are better at certain subjects and I don’t think they are.  I do think that there may be environments that are more conducive for learning for girls.

That is the sum total of my opinions.  We’ll see if that changes in next little bit.


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