Rachel wrote this post about numbers.  It’s really quite good if you have a moment.  The part that really caught me was the idea of Baby Numbers or Baby Time  (I’m laughing now as my friends have a baby named Thyme that my brother calls “Baby Thyme”).  Her thoughts boiled down to that the jump from 1 to 2 seems very long for babies but the gaps seem to get shorter as the years past. To give Rachel credit this may not have been what she meant at all only what I took from it.  But that’s the thing about writing isn’t it? It’s not so much what you write but what people take away from it.

Time for me seems to be a constantly shifting entity at the moment.  The two days I have left to pack are much, much too short.  The month I will be spending with my family down in southern california seems very far away and even further, so far it’s practically unreal, is my new job.  My move across the country.  My completely new life.  This is where time is for me.

For my brother time must be different. I keep trying to remember where I was last summer.  I was working camp and panicking at this point.  I got really upset and yelled at my mother several time for her continued insistence that I would get a job. “How do you know?” I screamed.  Time was frightening. How in hell was I going to get a job in only a month?  And I was a math teacher.  I can’t even imagine what my brother is going through wanting to teach the tiny people.

Summer time is the strangest. As I still have almost 7 weeks left of summer watching stores begin to put up back to school stuff is just crazy.  How are fall clothes already on sale?  Did I miss summer?  How is it the first week of summer seems endlessly long and the last day dreadfully short? How can so many schools still be hiring teachers as parents begin to fill their children’s lunch boxes?

And just now, I said to Michelle, “It’s 10 pm When did that happen?”

To which she responded, “about the same time it got to be 11 here. #timeiscrazy”

Damn straight, time is crazy.


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