Virtual Conference on Softskills.

There are very few of you read my blog that don’t already read other (better) math teachers’ blogs.  But for those of you would don’t I want to point you in the direction of the Virtual Conference on Soft Skills.  Basically the not straight instruction parts of teaching  here is the main page with the “big presenters” starting with Arne Duncan today.  But if you got a minute you should read these two.  They are by friends of mine and are so stunningly good that I am afraid to even start mine.

Jason Buell defying all current convention and laying claim to being the center of his own classroom.  I can’t even describe how much this post hits home.


Kate Nowak taking on my favorite topic, screwing up.  Because sometimes being wrong is just better.


2 thoughts on “Virtual Conference on Softskills.

  1. Okay, so I’ve always believed in your virtual community, Sophie. But to be honest I didn’t think I had the time to spend reading all the posts of the community members.
    Today, having read both Jason’s and Kate’s posts, I have discovered that I was wrong. Which I think, after reading Kate Nowak is not a bad thing at all!!
    Time for me to get on board.
    Thanks for the insights!


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