Sharing is Caring. Example Teacher Cover Letters.

Since I am going through this whole process (job applying) again I thought I would share some stuff with you.  If you have been reading this for a while you know that I have a fairly distinct voice when I write this blog.  It just so happens that that voice carries in to my other writing as well.  I wish someone had shown me some example covers letters before I wrote mine.  I feel like every one I saw was so generic and, well, not me.  So here are two non-generic cover letters for you to look at. The first is the one that attracted my principal last year and the second is one I just wrote for a recent job app.  They are both edited to hide my identity which makes me feel a little like batman, which I may just be.

Without further ado… last year’s general cover letter:

And this year’s much tailored one


So I hope new teachers are somewhat helped by my not so normal cover letters.


Good Luck Friends,




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