EduSolidarity Post.


The media is a bit of a tizzy at the moment about unions.  They seem to think teachers are overpaid and that unions are to blame for all bad teachers ever.  A group called EDUsolidarity asked bloggers to write a short post about how the union makes us better teachers.  So here is mine:

I am a little mad at the union right now.  This may sound like a silly beginning to a post that is supposed to be about how the union allows me to be a better teacher but bear with me for the moment.

I am a little mad at every thing right now.  I just got pink slipped which allows me the opportunity to be pissed off. I have gotten a few comments of late about how well I have been handling this thing and in truth I think I am doing a fair job.  I am postive (as in have a positive attitude about this) about 85% percent of the time.  And really, that’s all I can give you.  So you are just going to have to deal.

Here’s how being in the union makes me a better teacher.  It makes me feel safe.  I may have been laid off but the union has not kicked me out.  They have gotten me a lawyer and explained to me the steps I need to do in order to make sure I am being treated fairly.  They offer advice and suggestions.  They make sure I am getting everything I need.   I feel protected.

There are a million daily things to worry about as a teacher and even more now that I have to job hunt all over again and the union has taken a few of them off my plate.  I may be the lowest ranked math teacher in district but that doesn’t change the way I am treated or cared for.  I am not worried that I will be tricked out of my job or that I will lose my benefits tomorrow.  I am not worried that next year some other teacher will get my job if it is available.  I have maybe a thousand less things to worry about because of the union. I may even be a little less mad knowing some one has my back.

So well I am a little angry at the union for  protecting someone based purely on the number of years they have taught I understand that one day when I have been teaching a long time and I have kids and can’t stay til 6, 7, or 8 at night the union will protect me and I will still feel safe. And I will be a better teacher because of that.


3 thoughts on “EduSolidarity Post.

  1. I hope it’s working out for you! The most annoying thing about this whole process is that when you get a new job (I’m certain you will 🙂 you will yet again be at the bottom of the list. Seems like a self-perpetuating system for a pool of people unlucky enough to enter the system when it’s in economic crisis.


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