The Organ List.

Teachers are like patients on the organ transplant list.  The moment we get hired we are given a number.  Only here’s the main difference between us and organ recipients: when you are sicker you move up the organ list; there are categories for how sick you are. This is not the same as teachers.  There is nothing that moves you up the list.  You are at the bottom until someone else is added below you.  It does not matter if you work hard or stay late you are still the bottom of the list.  This has nothing to do with job performance.

I am at the bottom of that list. My best teacher friend is at the bottom of that list.  Our school counselor is at the bottom of that list.  Our librarian is at the bottom of that list.  The elementary music teacher is at the bottom of that list.   And they have just decided that the list MUST be shorter.

Tomorrow I will join almost all the probationary teachers in CA and even some tenured ones and I will be pink slipped.  This does not mean I will lose my job.  This just means that if the district is looking to cut math teachers I will be first.  I was the only math teacher hired this year in the whole district.  So last hired, first fired.  Looks like I may be job hunting again.

My principal does not sound hopeful.  My union rep just said that “20 teachers will be laid off on March 15 and are not likely to be rehired.”  I am hopeful but pragmatic.  I will start job hunting soon.  I will start updating my resume and talking to people.  I will hope to keep this job but I will accept that that just might not be my reality.

I am not ready to leave yet but I will.  If I have to I will.

I appreciate all the twitter and comment well wishes but just know, I am tough.  I will be fine or even better than fine.  I will find another job.  I will possibly write this exact post again next year.

There will be another post full of things people said and what I did and all that but this is how I feel right now and I think that makes a valid post.

2 thoughts on “The Organ List.

  1. Wanted to take a moment to second your mom. And say how super-impressed I am by your online attitude about this. Your quote this morning about “Who am I mad at?” is amazing. Hope you’re holding up as well as you’re presenting yourself.


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