Travel (not about ed)

this blog has a pretty heavy education bent but it’s also a fairly good record of my life as off now.  So this post is not for the people who read this for ed stuff but for my friends and family and interested parties. 🙂

I suck at traveling.  I have all these inner-ear issues and flying makes me feel gross.  I also get car, train and/or boat sick depending on the day.  I can’t pack.  I over pack and feel stupid or under pack and forget things. I think this may have been the first trip I’ve been on where I remembered a hair brush (I have a collection of maybe 10 from having to buy them on trips.)  I also really really like my bed.  It’s the first bed I got to pick my self and it is glorious.  So anyway, I suck at traveling but I love it.

I truly love going somewhere else.  I love the adventures that happen and the stories that come out of them (I was on the train with the entire Philadelphia Flyers at one point during my trip).  I like meeting new people and making friends.  I love spending time with my best friend (and travel buddy) and seeing my other best friends.  I love making plans and breaking them and even better not making plans at all.

This last week we had mid-winter break which is the best idea ever.  Who doesn’t need a week off in the middle of february?  I did. So off my bestie and I flew to NY for our adventure.  We landed in NYC at 10 after about 45 minutes of circling La Guardia (the bestie would probably like me to point out that we had a flight attendant that spoke like Gloria from Modern  Family it was amazing).

We were picked up from the airport in my other friends car and drove around for a while til we got to the place we were staying.

Here is the crazy part: the next morning I took the train down to PA to see my first friend ever get married.  It was super cool.  I probably hadn’t seen him in ten years but I met all his friends and got to see him get married.  He was conveniently getting married the weekend I was on the east coast.  His wedding was super fun and the Philadelphia Phanatic was there.  Yes, the very large green mascot thing showed up and danced at the wedding for a little bit.  I called it a costume and was quickly corrected by Jim’s friends  “It is a uniform.”

The next morning I spent almost an hour trying to call cabs in PA which wasn’t possible.  So one of Jim’s friends drove me to the train station where I got on the train and realized I had lost my ticket only to have to buy a new one in Philly.  (I haven’t told any of my friends this part. I’m a hot mess.)  After Philly, I fell asleep until the last few minutes only to miss the fact the Philly Flyers were on the train with me.  Also, it was National Hockey Day.  I may have gotten lost twice going back to my friend’s place.  I used to be super good at the subways but I think I may have gotten super lazy.

The rest of my stay in NY is a blur of new friends and old, big plans and no plans and snow.  There was a little bit of snow, just the right amount.  I really like snow.  I also really like watching it snow from the warm inside. It was pretty perfect.  I was lucky to travel with my best friend.  She and I know each other really well and agree on lazy and not lazy, touristy and not touristy.

I left New York after a few days for Toronto.  My family is from Toronto, so I had to do the grandparent visit.  There is something about seeing my grandmothers that I love.  My mom’s mom has a wicked sense of humor she made fun of me not being able to handle her wheel chair.  We made fun of the elevators in her assisted living place.  We made fun of lots of things.  She made fun of me a lot. Then my Dad’s Step-mom who is 95 years old and gave me a lecture on the Wisconsin Union issues.  She’s canadian and 95 and she knew more than I did.  I wish I had her genes.  Seriously, my father refers to her as a “force of nature.” Finally after 8 days I headed home.

I love traveling and I love coming home.  So I went back to school yesterday and remembered as I always seem to just how much I love this life I have.  School, travel, life, I am lucky.   I think I’m off to Texas next.  There’s a pretty cute baby there that I need to see.  Plus these friends of mine, I might miss them or something.

Alright it’s 9:00 Pacific which means at the very least 11 in my brain.  So night all.  Have a good day, week, life.


1 thought on “Travel (not about ed)

  1. Thanks for visiting the g’mas.
    We live in an era where members of our families have moved far away from each other. The fact that you went out of your way to visit the ladies who are over 85 speaks volumes about you.
    Families matter – thanks for reminding us!!!


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