My kids are stellar.

So my classroom has the SMART response clickers.  What’s so neat about them is that the kids login with their id’s and then if there are only a couple kids not finished (it tells you how many are done and who is not done) I can go around and help them.  Well in first period I have this one kid who is the last kid for maybe 3 questions and I say,

“Joe! press enter!” (you have to press enter after each question)

“I am Ms. G!!!”

So for the next six questions we do this dance.  Questions is answered.  Everyone is done minus Joe.  We all yell at Joe. Joe presses enter 10 times.  We all press enter on Joe’s clicker. Finally it goes through.

I get over it and go to hand him a new one and then I notice Dave in the corner giggling.

Dave had, when Joe wasn’t looking, switched their clickers.  So while Joe clicked enter (10 times a problem) he was actually entering for Dave’s name.  And Dave just sat there watching him hit enter for a while and then would FINALLY hit it.

No joke.  I laughed for like 5 minutes.  It was amazing. He had the whole class yelling at Joe to press enter.

(Note: Joe and Dave are friends.  Both are confident kids.  No one was mean spirited or trauma-tized in the making of this prank)


1 thought on “My kids are stellar.

  1. buahhhh hahh hah ha ha! I have to let you know, I would have cracked up too. Dave is my new favorite.

    (how can no one else comment on this classroom story. Kid is pure genius! ahhh hahahahaha)


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