My boys.

I guess this should be titled “My men” as that’s what they are.  They are men now but to me they will always be boys.  When I was I a senior in high school I became close with a group of friends who were sophomores at the time.  Over the years I’ve remained friends with a few of them so now they are graduating college and starting their adventures (grad school, seminary, writing, art, music and so worth) just like I am starting mine. It’s neat for me to see them grow up.  They are just younger than me enough that I feel pride in the things they are doing.  Anyway, I woke up this morning to this text message:

Miller and I have talked repeatedly today about you and the importance of your blog and your thoughts.  He wants to write a book about you- a social commentary on the American education system. If all teachers were Sophie, there’d be hope for America. Too bad. Anyway, feel important and valuable. You are.

Anyway, I respond with this:

Dear Boys (and Girls),

I am so proud of you.  You are all such very impressive people.  How the hell did it happen?  I turned around and we all became adults.  You with your math and your writing and your music.  You with your faith and your plans and your art. You are some of the best people I know. I brag on you guys all the time you have no idea.  Please, write a book.  Make it good but don’t write about me, if every teacher was me we’d be quite the bumbling hot mess.  There are fabulous teachers everywhere write about them.  Find them and write about how people are wrong.  The education system isn’t bankrupt of quality teachers.  There are tons of us.  We just need a better publicist. Be that, okay?

I love you all very much, go get em friends. Feel important and valuable.  You are.


2 thoughts on “My boys.

  1. What an amazing compliment and an even more amazing response! Glad I found your new blog…sounds like you are doing amazing things. I think middle school is a perfect fit for you and I hope you are enjoying the new job.


  2. Miller as in Nicky Miller?! I MISS HIM! Does he even remember me? I miss Emily too. Ugh San Dieguito was quite great sometimes even though I didn’t realize it.


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