Twenty-ten is fun to say.  Go ahead, I give you permission to be silly, say twenty- ten out load.  The more people around you the louder you should probably say it.  Especially if you don’t know those people like in a coffee shop or a library. Twenty-ten.

Alright I’m done. Sorry for that.

I am “celebrating” the end of twenty-ten with the flu.  We are planning on working through the new year with a box of tissues and a whole bunch of episodes of Fringe.  Yea, me and the flu we are super cool.  And if you think it’s gonna be hot where you are it’s about 101.5 here.

Okay, I’ve apparently decided to do stand up.  Sorry about that.  I’ll really stop now.  I just wanted to look back and mention all the awesome things that happened/ i did in 2010. (look i’ve even stopped writing it out now, this is about to get serious.)

  1. turned 24.
  2. student taught at my old high school with my old teacher and taught some of the coolest teenagers I’ve ever known.
  3. Went to visit my friend in Texas and after months of listening to him complain about the heat there was a solid foot of snow (while there we saw a movie in a theatre where you sit in rolly chairs. no joke.)
  4. Canada played America in hockey in the olympics.  I cheered like an American (being the only one at my house) and then was a sore loser like one, too.
  5. Started applying for jobs.
  6. Went to Conference in Fresno. Went to a bunch of cool sessions.  Not sure how well behaved we were the rest of the time.
  7. Started the old blog.
  8. Had students come to my kickball game and bring me this
  9. Went to two proms in one night with this guy…
  10. Old blog got a shout out from this famous math blogger dude.
  11. got a job interview or three.
  12. Watched my students graduate!!!!! (Walked as a teacher in a graduation ceremony I had been in as a student)
  13. kept applying for jobs.
  14. Went to DC for another conference.
  15. Drove up to north for two job interviews.
  16. GOT A JOB!!!!
  17. moved 5 days later.
  18. started new job.  started new blog.
  19. got a real paycheck (seriously. super rad.)
  20. moved to a new by myself place.

Went to Middle School.

  1. Fell off a desk.
  2. Felt like teaching was starting to make sense.
  3. Realized I was totally wrong.
  4. Made if through my first observation with only a minor freak out.
  5. Started helping run Homework Club.
  6. Started Math Olympiads.
  7. Sorta kinda tried SBG.
  8. Did two major projects.
  9. Started using my smart board better.
  10. Made it to winter break and had the principal tell me I would be back next year. 🙂

So there you go.  Twenty ten in 20+10.  I don’t know how 2011 is going to compare but I can tell you this… It is starting out HOT.*

*i blame all bad jokes on this flu. just saying.

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