being a kid

My mom was going to be a lady on the moon but then she had a migraine.

Like she was going to be an astronaut? -me


Then what do you mean? -me

I don’t know.


I thought about starting a kids say the darndest things but then I realized that maybe I only think they are funny.  And maybe to get that you had to know the bizarreness that is this kid.  But either way this is an advanced 7th grade class and this kid is super funny.  Today a student did a “so does your girlfriend” comment and I scolded him. “Totally inappropriate” but honestly in my head it was funny.

I was a kid for a long time.  I seem to remember in 8th grade thinking that tongue kissing was weird.  I didn’t understand that I should have crushes on boys til high school.  I had “boyfriends” but that was mostly because I thought it was fun. I went to bed at 8:30pm til I was in high school.  When I wanted to stay up past 8:30 to watch 7th Heaven I had to be in my pajamas and have brushed my teeth.  We ate dinner together, I had a curfew, I went to summer camp, when I was to old for camp I was a counselor in training then I worked at summer camp.  I was not over scheduled but I was also never given hours to be on the internet.  I didn’t have a cell phone til I was 16 yet my parents always knew where I was.

Lots of my students are not kids like I was a kid. The counselor and I were talking the other day about our girls group and how they were all talking about the things they wanted to do with boys.  HOLY CRAP.  And the stuff they have already done. EWWW.  They stay up all night on facebook, they have hours afterschool unsupervised. Many of my mother’s students don’t speak enough spanish to have real conversations with their parents.  They don’t go to camp or have planned summer activities. They watch more tv than me which is saying something and they would think 7th Heaven was about a bunch of fuddy duddies. I love loved 7th Heaven.  (When I was 13)

Maybe it’s time to redefine being a kid vs being a adult.  I was thinking about being and adult also.  If you haven’t yet you should read Hyperbole and a Half’s being an adult.  It is a super accurate representation of my life.  For example right now I live in a new apartment it’s all decorated and mostly clean.  I do dishes most days right now but it will probably go back to not often soon.  I ate chicken and roast potatoes then chicken caesar salad and one night used my rice cooker but my life has the distinct possibility of going back to microwave pizza at any moment. So what does it mean to be a kid, is all the innocence that I believe in part of it?  Or is that just not what it is anymore?  Is it because of the population I work in or is this wide spread?

And for the love of god will someone tell me what it mean to be an adult?  I live by my self, get a regular paycheck, cook, eat, all those things but I honestly still feel like a kid most of the time.  I am certainly not mature. (not really)

I don’t what the purpose of all this rambling was except to say that I wish my students got to be kids longer.  Being a kid is awesome.


I had other things I wanted to write about but I have to go make bread for the staff party.  Does making bread make me an adult?


1 thought on “being a kid

  1. To me the greatest thing about being a mom is getting to enjoy being a kid again. That’s why it’s so hard when your kids grow up and you start to need to take care of your parents – it hits you smack in the face that you’re all grown up – but for real this time.
    I think that being an adult means you don’t look for excuses when things go wrong – you try to learn from your mistakes and accept that you’ll make more along the way. I think that some adults cook real meals and some still eat peanut butter sandwiches when no one else is around. I won’t tell you which one I am because can’t talk right now (my mouth is stuck shut). I sure do miss you, though.


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