Friends have a purpose. I have thanks.

Note: I posted this a few days back and deleted because it felt unfinished.  I feel betterish now.

This is not an ed post. So if you read this purely for educational stuff feel free to stop now. (okay i lied here later I start talking about ed stuff)

You have a crappy day, It’s the end of the school day and you just barely hung on through that last class. You breathe in, you breathe out. You resist the urge to punch something/ cry/ drink something whatever your poison. You walk out of your classroom and downstairs in to the classroom of a friend and suddenly you feel better. You haven’t even said anything. Sometimes it’s because you know their day was just as bad and sometimes you know that they will let you vent.
We all have that friend. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the purpose of the people in our lives.

That friend for me is another new teacher at our school. She teaches english and history (and I can already feel her fixing all the typos as she reads this). It’s awesome because she’s a new teacher so we both are doing the same things wrong but also we are so different it works. We teach different subject, she’s hyper organized, I’m not, she’s always on top of things, i’m not. Alright I’m starting to wonder what I am putting in to this. 😀 She and I just work well together. I could not be more grateful to have that person at our school.

I also have a best friend who has nothing to do with teaching. She’s a free spirit in the most awesome sense of the word. I don’t need to call her on the bad days because nothing is bad when you are with her. Everything is fun and easy and our 10 year friendship is so solid I know there is nothing to worry about it.  She’s fun.  She makes me fun.  I don’t really make bad decisions.  I know this sounds silly but I have lived 24 years (almost 25) years now without really doing anything wrong.  Sarah makes me silly.  Where I bring her down to earth on stuff she is open to anything.  She makes me do thing I would never even think about.  It’s nice to have opposites in your life.

I have my mom. Who also is a teacher. It’s good and bad. She’s better than me and always will be (she’s got 15 more years than me). But it has it’s upsides. Wanna know why your teaching day went bad? Call mom. Wanna know how to effectively use warm ups? Call mom. Wanna know how to fix the sink? Call mom. Okay, that wasn’t school related but really she’s very useful.

My brother came this weekend to visit.  He is studying to be a first grade teacher. He’s 28 and he’s awesome. (He’s quite a catch ladies) I don’t know why he puts up with me because he is so much cooler than me.  Last year when I was feeling lonely he made me hang out with his friends who turned out to be some of my favorite people.  He is funny and rad and makes me feel cool. When we hangout I don’t have to act like someone else I am just me. His purpose I suppose is to be there and he is.  He is always there.

And I have you guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks you for listening to me (or pretending to). Thank you for making it this far in this post. You have a purpose for me, too. You give credence to the stuff I say. When I know my lessons are gonna suck there’s about 30 people worth of lesson plans on the internet to look through.  When I need to vent there’s that, too.

I know that some of my friends from home read this, too.  Feel free to comment or email me. I miss you and would love to hear about your lives.

So here comes the part where I connect it back to school because for me everything always seems to.  We all serve a purpose for our students.  For some it’s stability, for some it’s comedy, attention, affection, consistency, trust.  There are so many things that students need from us.  We serve a purpose and rarely is it just teaching math.

Just remember tomorrow you are very likely an essential part of someone’s day.  I know you are of mine.


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