in which i almost forget i should talk about math

Going from 80 students to 146 is huge.  Like a giant pink elephant skyscraper tall huge.  I did a really good job in student teaching letting all of my students know how much they meant to me and what I thought about their performance in my class and in school.  I am not doing as good a job.  I understand that I am overwhelmed and that my life is a little out of control.  But still this is my speciality.  connecting with kids is where I succeed.  I am not saying that I am failing I have kids around me all the time.  They are starting to eat lunch in my room and show up after school.  They know that I know what they should be doing in other classes and that I will be on top of them when they don’t. I am just saying I could do better.

I was tweeting with samjshah last night when he said that 146 wasn’t feasible to write a note to everyone and you know what? I get that.  BUT it really doesn’t feel good. I love the note writing.  I want the kids to know that I care.  That I spend time thinking about them and their lives. (i want i want i want- i am beginning to sound like an eighth grader.)

On a good note: We are starting an eighth grade girls lunch group.  It will just be a place one day a week where those girls can come and hang out.  The eighth grade boys here are not the best so it will be good to get some girl time.  It’s me and another young female teacher.  I think it’ll be nice to know they can come and be girls and know this is a place for them to succeed or get help succeeding.  Middle school sucks for boys and girls but honestly I wish I had had more contact with teachers at that point in my life.

Alright short post again.  I am currently teaching integers using tiles spacers. Which I spent 3 hours cutting.  Just, you know, to add some math in this blog. opps.


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