A Brand New Line

(I will do a new introduction post with the new job details but I wanted to share this stuff first)

Let me start this out with, man I missed you guys.  I really like reading and writing and talking to everyone on the interwebs.  Although I have mostly kept up with twitter (mostly) but the rest of my life has been taken over by well life.

I just finished my first week in a classroom. EVER. It’s been amazing, insane, silly and painful. Literally painful.  We’ll start with that because my (awesome) BSTA support provider told me it was one of those great stories that I will tell for years so I might as well tell it now:

I love birthdays. In that third grade wake up early sing silly songs kind of way.  When it is my birthday I celebrate for a week.  My brother often tells me to stop that its not my birthday and it hasn’t been for a while but i keep right on.

ANYWAYS, so I hung this huge desktop calendar on the wall and I have been writing the kids birthdays on it.  My classroom has really really high ceilings (and a gorgeous view of the santa cruz mountains) so in order to write some of the birthdays I have been standing a student desk (they are those 4 legged free standing ones with a place to put papers). I have been doing this all week and the week before while setting up my room.

So I ask a kid when his birthday is and he says, “It’s today, Ms. Germain.” And I get super excited and begin to sing a birthday song.  I sing and dance on top of the desk.  I am hilarious. Then I realize I need to shift the desk in order write his birthday. So I turn to get down and I put all my weight on the front of the desk and I eat it. I slide whole body down the desk knock over two chair and hit the edge of the desk and the ground. Hard.  My students being eighth graders are both amused and concerned.  They laugh but also ask if I’m okay.  I am. bruised pride, bruised ass but fine.

That is until 4th period.  We were making a number line and stapling it up by the clock.  I had learned my lesson first period.  No more desk standing for me I had a ladder.  But when I went to move the ladder one of my students had left the stapler on top and it nailed me on the head.

That was my first friday teaching.  Fell off a desk and got hit in the head with a stapler. It is sunday and no joke my whole body still hurts from the fall. I am in no need of “new teacher hazing” Jason I do a fine job on my own.

More on my first week to follow. Glad to be back.


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